Here are some funding strategies people have used to cover these costs:

  • First Nations Health Authority benefits:
    • Individuals who are Indigenous, have status, and live in BC are able to access FNHA benefits.These benefits can provide coverage for gender-affirming resources, like support garments and post-operative supplies, like compression vests.  To learn more about how to access gender-affirming products available through FNHA benefits, you can call the FNHA Benefits Program call 1-800-317-7878 and select option 2.
    • FNHA benefits can also cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals when you need to travel for medically necessary care (including vaginoplasty, vulvoplasty or revision surgeries). You can learn more about this by:
      • calling the FNHA Benefits Program call 1-800-317-7878 and select option 2
  • If you are on provincial disability assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction to discuss funding for travel,support garments and other medically necessary supplies. Your GP or NP can write you a letter of support to access these funds
  • Medical EI can be an option for individuals who are working and meet the eligibility criteria
  • Speak with your employer or Human Resources department about any Short Term Disability, sick time, or vacation time you can use during your time off work for surgery
  • Check your extended benefits program if you have one
  • Consider organizing online or in-person fundraisers