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This guide outlines the steps for accessing publicly funded chest construction surgery in British Columbia. Please note that you don’t need to be masculine or male to have this surgery.

There are many diverse experiences people have had with chest construction surgery, and it isn’t possible to capture it all in one resource. It is valuable to connect with other people who have had this surgery and learn from their experiences.

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Contact us

Trans Care BC’s Care Coordination Team is available to help you at any point in this process. You can find a link to our contact page in the bottom right corner of this guide.

Workbook for Chest Construction Surgery in BC

Preparing for chest construction surgery is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual process. We’ve created a workbook called the Workbook for Chest Construction Surgery in BC to help you along the way. It contains some of the information on this website, along with worksheets, checklists, and exercises.

You may wish to download and print the full passport or individual support tools, which can be found throughout the guide, and on the Support Tools page in the resource section.